3 Safety and Security Concerns for People Considering a Senior Dating Site

Senior citizens looking for an online dating site will be surprised to know there are many dating sites out there catering to the more mature set. There’s something for everyone in the world of online dating and there’s no reason that seniors shouldn’t have their piece of the pie. Staying safe is essential for seniors looking to make friends or find a potential date on an online dating site. There are a few key rules for dating online and seniors should protect their privacy to ensure a pleasurable online dating experience.

Keep private things to yourself. Most people on online dating sites have the best intentions, but you may run into a few unsavory characters if you aren’t careful. Never use your real first or last name when filling out an online dating profile. These things should remain private for as long as you choose and the best online dating sites for seniors protect your anonymity. This means your username will be something quirky, but won’t divulge any information. If you were to share your first or last name, a person could find more about you through social networking sites, and there’s no reason to give a person the green light to know more about you than what you’re willing to share.

Remember to stay safe once you start chatting with someone. The best online dating sites for seniors offer a variety of ways for users to interact. Some have a chat room or forum where users can talk about every day topics or current events. This gives seniors a chance to see what a person is like in a group setting. Think of it as attending a mixer at a church or community function. There’s no obligation in a group setting which makes it easier for those who are reserved or shy to interact. Online dating can be intimidating for seniors. After all, it’s an entirely new way of dating, so warming up to it with a site that has a chat room or forum.

Seniors should be safe by watching for inconsistencies when getting to know someone online. You should never take an online relationship too quickly. Allow yourself to ease into it and for the conversation to flow organically, just like you would in real life. Don’t push yourself to feel connected to anyone because hey, you’re on a site full of seniors looking to make a connection. There’s no reason to give contrived answers or try to create sparks where they don’t exist. Instead, share only what you want and keep the conversation light in the beginning. If a person is too pushy or forward, you can stop talking to them.

Never move forward too quickly. Do not share your real name (especially your last name), phone number or personal address too quickly. This allows you to cut off communication with a person if things go sour and doesn’t give them many options for reaching out to you. Let the conversation move at a natural pace and share your first name once it moves to the phone. After you set up a date in person, be sure you have a family member or friend come with you to be sure you’re safe. If this feels too much like a chaperone, have a family member or friend call you about 20 or 30 minutes into the date to ensure you’re OK and the date is moving along as planned.